Get Your Bhubaneswar to Padmapur Bus Ticket Booking Done Online


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Do you have to travel from Bhubaneswar to Padmapur for some business purposes? Or perhaps one of your relatives staying here and you want meet him at his place in Padmapur! Whatever the reason of your travel is you must want a comfortable travel experience. And there is no better way to travel from BBSR to Padmapur than by a bus.

Bhubaneswar to Padmapur bus ticket booking

Since bus traveling is a lot cheaper than any other modes of traveling many people these days prefer to book their bus ticket online. At ODBUS, we offer Bhubaneswar to Padmapur bus ticket booking facility online. And when you choose us as your ultimate means of bus ticket booking you will enjoy the following benefits.

24×7 reservation facility:

We work round the clock, so any time bus ticket booking can be made right from the comfort of your living room. Our staffs are available 24×7 to make your bus ticket booking endeavor a hassle-free experience.

Commission-free booking:

When you reserve a bus ticket through a travel agency you may be asked to pay some additional amounts as commission but with us you can enjoy commission free booking.

Availability of discount codes:

Discount codes are a popular trend in online shopping. With us you can get reasonable discounts & coupon codes which certainly save you money while booking your bus ticket. Check out our site now to see if there’s any discount or coupon code available.

Get the seat of your preference:

You are booking your bus ticket online doesn’t mean that you can’t get a seat of your choice. With us you can select a seat of your preference & pay only what you should pay, and no hidden charges.

Bhubaneswar to Padmapur Bus Services

If you don’t want to take headache while standing in the queue of a bus stop and waiting for your tickets to be confirmed by the authority, you must take advantage of our online bus ticket booking facility. Contact us now if you want to know more about Bhubaneswar to Padmapur Bus Services or just want to book a ticket online.

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The Ease of Bus Ticket Booking From Bhubaneswar to Kolkata


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Do you suddenly need to be in Kolkata when you are in Bhubaneswar? It is not possible to have a rail or air ticket so quickly. So, what should be your plan of action? Would you not be in Kolkata when you need to be there? The only possible way out is to have Bus Ticket Booking from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata from us.

Why Be With Us

You may be thinking why you should be with us when there are so many other organizations. Yes, there are, but can they all be relied on to offer the best of services. We are the most reliable and secure online bus ticketing platform in Odisha that provides easy reservation system and safe payment options.

As you reach our site you can be certain that you will definitely get a bus ticket from the operator of your choice and have a hassle-free and comfortable journey to Kolkata. Not only that, in order to make your journey more affordable we make available tickets at a fair and minimal rate.

How Easy It Is To Book a Ticket

It is quite easy to make Bus Ticket Booking from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata.  As you reach our site, you can make the booking according to your preferences. You can choose the bus operator that you wish to travel with. You can also select the bus according to the amenities that you wish to have.

Not only that your selection can be made according to the point of boarding the bus. As you make your selection the buses that you can choose will be displayed. The time of departure will also be displayed so that you can choose according to your time preference.

Bus Ticket Booking from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata

It may be that you have made the booking some time back and suddenly the reason for your going to Kolkata got cancelled. Then if you want to cancel the ticket you can easily do so through our site. The cancellation policy according to bus operator is documented and you can avail such from our site.

We believe that offering the best customer service is the motto that we work for. Our courteous and friendly customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to handle your queries and help you in booking the bus ticket online.

Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Bus Ticket Booking

We have direct contact and access to all the bus operators, which ensures of delivering the best quality service to the passengers in case of advance booking, ticket cancellation or booking a desired type of the bus seat. With us, you will enjoy a commission-free online bus ticket booking facility in Odisha.

If you wish to have such kind of Bus Ticket Booking from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata you need to be with ODBUS. We are the first and Largest Online Bus Ticket Booking Platform with over 1000 bus operators to all routes in Odisha and surrounding States. You can call us at 993-700-0838 or 775-008-0957 for any help of such nature.

8 Reasons to Say Hello to Kolkata This Holiday Season


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An exceptionally important melting point of history, art, and culture in India, Kolkata – the West Bengal capital everyone love to visit at some point in their life.

Looking for some motivation to get on with your trip? Here are a few best reasons why you should say hello to Kolkata this holiday season:

1. Dynamic Market Hub –

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Kolkata is the home to some of the most vibrant and historic markets in India. Starting from the largest Asian flower markets at Mallik Ghat to one of the largest used book markets at College Street, the bustling city of Kolkata will delight everyone for sure.

In addition to, Kolkata has welcomed newly-upgraded Floating market to appeal its travel enthusiasts, locals, and everyone.

2. Chinatown –

Kolkata stands as an abode to India’s only remaining Chinatown – a safe keeper of the country’s waning Chinese immigrant population and culture. In fact, the Terreti Bazaar or the Old Chinatown is one of the richest cultural offerings and is well-worth for visiting as you’ll enjoy tasty street food, visit historic temples, street-side stalls, and more.

3. Unique Architectural Splendors –

From ever-busy crowded Howrah Bridge to the beautiful colonial-era Victoria Memorial, the unique architectural splendor of Kolkata will no doubt impress you. You’ll find a variety of historic churches, synagogues, temples, colonial buildings, and old mansions pulling off old-world charm unlike no other.

4. Cosmopolitan Flavor –

Kolkata has a large population of Armenian, Chinese, Jewish, and other immigrant communities. Each and every community contributes their part of social, political, historical, and architectural growth, putting on display a unique combo of cultures that will amuse visitors greatly.

5. Food –

When you’re in Kolkata, you’ll surely enjoy the unique culinary tradition of West Bengal. Among food delicacies, you’ll get to taste the delicious street food, mouth-watering Bengali sweets, desserts, etc.

6. Football Fever –

Kolkata is a haven for football lovers in a country engulfed with cricket fans. In short and simple words, Kolkata is a fascinating place to explore for sports enthusiasts. Remember that, the Calcutta Football League – founded in 1898 is the oldest association football league in Asia and one of the oldest football competitions around the world.

7. Trams –

Kolkata is the only city in India which has a fully-operated tram network. The tram system is the oldest in all of Asia and is a delightful, exceptional experience visitors are sure to enjoy.

Immersed in old-world charm and running along some of the historic regions of the city, the tram rides are every bit worth a visit to Kolkata this holiday season.

8. Former Capital –

As the former capital of British ruled India for more than a century, Kolkata enjoys rich historical significance. It was even the home to the headquarters of the British East India Company and the capital of British territories. The architecture and culture of the city are rich with traces from the British era.

Conclusion –

Decided to visit Kolkata? What are you waiting for? Book now your bus ticket from Paradip to Kolkata through ODBUS and experience all that the “City of Joy” has on offer.

For more information about Paradip to Kolkata bus ticket booking procedure, please get in touch with us at 993-700-0838 or 943-865-4942. Feel free to stay in touch with ODBUS on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn social networks.

Demand & Supply of a Bus Ticket booking –


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Innovations and technological growth has led the revolution in travel and tourism industry and also empowered Bus Servicebased tourism industry. Hi-tech advancements have made online bus ticket booking completely an easy matter. Traditional bus travelling used to be very much complex as well as hectic as it involve to stand in long queues for hours under sun to get a booking and reach to the destination. The quality of bus travel used to be very rough and harsh without any luxurious options. Now the time has changed with Online Bus Ticketing Facilities by reputed Travel Operators which allows you an instant booking of the Ticket right on the tip of the finger on Mobile.

Babughat bus stand , Kolkata

Railway Centers& Airport not connected to Interior Places –

When you travel from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata or on a round trip, it is not convincing really if you are belonging not right from the core city. Just after getting off from a train or a Plane, you still need to thing about a taxi to reach to your home which would cost a lot as it comes with various prices.  With a wise decision this you could have avoided by just dropping off the bus right in the middle of the Bus Route. Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Bus Services almost takes care of each passenger for easy dropping option.  To avail such a convenience travel from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata or round trip, go for an online Bus Ticket Booking.


Frequent Visits Bhubaneswar to Kolkata –

Being the IT hub of both cities, thereis immense demand of travelling by professionals now and then. Choosing other alternatives is always a costly affair in terms of Money and time. Why not avail the same service and get a comfortable timely journey by booking a luxurious coach from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Bus Services operators.  To avail such a comfortable planned travel from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata or round trip, go for an online Bus Ticket Booking. There are almost more than 100 Busses route to Kolkata from Bhubaneswar and vice versa and you can choose a ticket at your convenience over an online Bus Ticket Booking.

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Range of Busses to Choose at –

You can get a range of bus services accessible as per your choice, needs and budget on online bus ticket booking. You must check the amenities like A.C luxury, express, deluxe, super, Non A.C luxury, private, intercity, and Volvo A.C buses when you book bus tickets online your choice may depend upon your own pocket, choice and flexibility you need while choosing Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Bus Services. Unmatched service from booking to cancellation, refund of anOnlineBus ticket is made easy.

Bus is well-known means of transportation which serves both common and higher class of people but only difference lies in the quality. Bus is been used by all groups of people and always stay behind in a great demand. Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Bus Ticket Booking was a great problem, may not be accepted easily by people of higher income group and who has very few time to spare. But now, with the introduction and advancements in internet usage around the globe, the process of booking bus ticket is much hassle free.

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At the present time, on online bus ticket booking service from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata you can leave with plenty of time to enjoy your vacation. Get your online tickets booked with ODBUS with a smile on your face. ODBUS is a well-recognizedonline ticket booking platform that offers you to save your time, energy, hassle free ticket booking with favorite seats and easy ticket cancellation facilities. So choose us as we are the most reliable online bus ticket booking service provider to book your bus tickets online.

For further information, about our online bus ticket booking facilities, visit Or click our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!

Why Traveling From Bhubaneswar To Bundia In Bus Is The Best Way To Go?


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Traveling is one of the most important part of our day to to day lives, especially in India. Some people travel for work, some for business, and some just for leisure. There is a purpose behind every travel. Regardless of your purpose of travel, you always like to have access to a reliable medium of transportation at the best possible price and what could be a better way than a bus traveling from one destination to another.

Traveling in a bus is a simple way to travel between interesting destinations, offering the seats are comfortable & the travel times aren’t too long. In fact, there’re enough comfort breaks to not source any worries. Bus travel is also much safer than other forms of transportation, especially in a country like India.

Though car is the best alternative of bus travel, but when you compare the direct and indirect expense of car traveling, you will certainly like to go with bus traveling. The ticket price of a bus is far affordable when you compare to the overall expense of car traveling for a particular destination. For example, if you are traveling from Bhubaneswar to Bundia by a bus, it will cost you 330 rupees or a bit more than that, whereas covering the same distance in a car will cost you more than 3,000 rupees. So, you just imagine how much you are saving on a bus travel. Considering all these aspects traveling in a bus is far more superior than traveling in a car. There are no surprise in the price of a bus ticket as the price for a certain distance is fixed and followed by most of the bus operators.

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The best thing is now bus ticket booking is much easier than ever before. With many online bus ticket booking platform available online, you can rest assured that you will find a seat to and from your destination with ease. Online bus ticket booking platfrom like ODBUS offers the most convenient way of bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia and several other regions in India. Our flexible booking and payment system let you book your bus ticket online right from the comfort of your couch. For further information, about our online bus ticket booking facilities, visit Or click our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!

Travelling between Bundia from Bhubaneswar, Book your Bus ticket Online


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Bundia is a popular town located in Jharsuguda Block of Jharsuguda district in Odisha. Located in the urban region of Jharsuguda district in Odisha, it is one of the best towns of Jharsuguda district offering accessibility to sightseeing places like Viramkhol, Huma, Hirakud, Sambalpur, Harishankar etc. Many people travel to Bundia for various reasons, whether for vacation or to sightseeing nearby places.

Not only travelers looking for reasons to visit Bundia, they are also looking for a convenient mode of transportation to get there. Taking the bus to Bundia from the capital city – Bhubaneswar may not be the first type of transportation that comes to your mind when you’ve the convenience of taking a train.


However, there are a few reasons why choosing bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia is more appropriate:

Affordable Pricing –

Affordable pricing is the obvious reason why people consider bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia. While booking bus tickets, keep in mind that there is no hidden catch or charges. It’s quite simple to book tickets for your desired buses at affordable prices.

Book Tickets Online –

It’s time you should avoid standing in a line for bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia. Online bus ticket booking facility makes the process smooth and easy. This means, you won’t have to go through the hassle of standing in a long queue and taking a risk of not being able to find your desired seat.


24/7 Booking Facility –

This is the most important reason why you need to consider bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia. Though bus ticket booking is available round the clock, you can book your desired bus tickets from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want to.

Seat of Your Choice –

By online bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia, you can choose a seat of your choice from the sitting arrangement and pay only what you should and nothing more. No matter what, you will get to your bus journey from Bhubaneswar to Bundia with all the comfort, convenience and luxury you deserve!


Final Thought –

After looking at above special reasons, it’s highly suggested to invest in bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia of ODBUS – a premier online bus ticketing platform offers convenience of booking your desired bus ticket at affordable prices.

For more information about our pricing details and buses, feel free to browse our website at or click our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!

Top Reasons to Rely on Online Bus Ticket Booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia


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The Internet is here to stay and many businesses have kept their first step to the Internet with a website, and many are now switching towards the Internet, not only as a promotional, and advertising but as an active platform for business. In fact, the amazing thing about using the Internet is that it can be used as the great equalizer for both small and mid-sized businesses. Even, the smallest Bed and Breakfast can now have an incredible web presence likewise the largest 5-star hotels through their own website. No matter whether your business is for ships, yachts or online classes – if your products and services can be booked and reserved, it’s obvious that you want your website to work for your business. You might have asked yourself why so many small businesses are so much keen in getting an online reservation facility on their website.


When it comes to bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia, you can easily book bus tickets from the convenience of your home as per your requirements and preferences. This means you don’t need to spend hours standing in a queue for a ticket reservation from Bhubaneswar to Bundia. Nowadays there are so many online bus ticket booking platforms available that acts as the efficient bridge between you and the travel companies.


Cost Effective-

The Bhubaneswar to Bundia bus ticket booking can be a low priced option and an effective process to save more money. For booking your desired bus and seats, all you need to do is to log on the website while browsing through different bus options to choose from. Just select the bus ticket and pay the amount and you are good to go!

Online Payment Option-

While booking bus tickets, you will get an automatic payment system ensuring safe and secure online payment. With this facility in place, you will be provided with completely safe and easy way to book and pay for your bus tickets for traveling from Bhubaneswar to Bundia.

Explore Different Options-

Accessing different options on buses like Volvo, AC Sleeper, Non-AC etc and informative details about varieties of buses are just the matter of a few clicks when using bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia. It’s highly suggested to explore multitude options like seat availability, timing, routes, journey schedule and much more. For instance, if you fail to fetch a seat of a specific bus, it’s easy to switch to another bus to book your tickets for traveling with Bhubaneswar to Bundia bus services.

Make the Booking Process Easier-

The main purpose of online bus ticket booking portal is for the travelers to be able to reserve their bus tickets with ease. In fact, a well-organized, cohesive and functional online booking portal can be a necessary aspect for you to enjoy the great sense of convenience and comfortability of booking your desired bus tickets. No matter what, it can allow you find appropriate Bhubaneswar to Bundia bus service as the bus ticketing platform has all of the necessary features to make your experience amazing.

Conclusion –

If you are interested in traveling from Bhubaneswar to Bundia by a bus service, consider bus ticket booking from Bhubaneswar to Bundia with ODBUS and feel relaxed after getting your desired seats for a fair price. With our Bhubaneswar to Bundia bus ticket booking facility, you don’t need to rush to the bus stand to get the bus ticketing done.

Travel happily from Bhubaneswar to Bundia after booking your bus tickets with ODBUS!

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